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The origin story

dotcool was born out of a deeply personal experience that sparked a transformative journey.

Amin Zayani, one of our co-founders, encountered a frustrating incident when his insulin was accidentally frozen in his  refrigerator.

The urgency to seek medical help inspired Amin to find a solution not only for himself but also for his younger brother, who also lives with type 1 diabetes, and the millions of individuals worldwide who rely on temperature-sensitive medications.

Driven by a mission to alleviate the burdens faced by people living with chronic conditions, dotcool set out to create innovative medication companions. Our vision is to provide individuals with reliable and effective tools to manage their health with ease.

We are deeply passionate about what we do and have an unwavering commitment to our users.

With a profound love for our community, we are dedicated to serving them and empowering them on their journey towards better health.